I have a bussiness doing animaton work. One of the programs that I was considering using was Ktoon for some purposes. I was wondering if anyone knew what level the program could render out to, and if it was good for Film/Broadcast projects or simply as a replacement for flash.

I could never get anything of any real quality out of Ktoon (have not used it much so do try it out your self). You should check out Synfig it’s a very nice and much better package for making 2d animations (but currently is very slow & has no vector output if you after that).

If you just want a flash replacement (vector output) I’d recommend Anime Studio (although the price as just gone up 100%).

Synfig though promising, is so immature i couldn’t get it to work on my machine. Has anyone had any better sucess?

i had the same problems, using synfig they need to recode it from the ground up or make it opensource

Um…Synfig is already open source.

well i stand corrected, why does it seem to be dead

Yes, it seems pretty dead (even the Wiki and SVN), and the developers are screaming for help. Synfig has been open source for a nearly a full year now, but it hasn’t attracted much attention.

It’s not dead, it just that without many developers (three right now I think) there is not much action to be seen on the web site.

Synfig is not really immature in features, it’s the user interface (and to some extent the build system) that is somewhat immature. It’s just not very intuitive yet. But then again, I found Blender to be un-intuitive when I first tried it out several years ago. That said, I’ve been able to do more with Synfig than I ever have with ktoon. Hopefully both projects will be able to attract more developers and a larger supporting community.