Kuality Textures (Free texture library!)

Here’s a texture library I’m making =D right now there’s not very many textures but their all 512x512, so their great quality. Or shall I say Kuality… you can scale them down as you please, you may have to tweak some images to make them look good. They’re all 100% tile-able (seamless)

I’ll try to keep them well organized =D

I’ll be constantly updating so you may want to bookmark and check often. I specialize in “Spells” and RPG-ish textures. So have fun! (btw give me 100% credit for the textures if you use them in your game.

Password: blenderartists_guest
(There’s a password to prevent “public” spam… I know you blender artists won’t steal my textures and claim them as your own ;))

When it logs you in the categories are to the left under “Albums”


7.15.08: Updated the Spells category, adding “SuperSonic” spell
7.15.08: Texture library is up, Spells category has been updated, Horror section has been added for you horror games, and Animated texture category has been added.

Dimensions of images need to be in powers of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, etc) or else the computer receives a significant reduction in speed.

Other than that, cool spells.

Ok, I’ll reupload them as 512x512

I added an animated texture section! I have animated water!! Follow my animated texture tutorial to use them.

In the animated textures I added both gifs and Animated Maps. read the image comment to find out dimensions for each frame.

Wow, amazing!
That way water can be made just using planes!

Thank you! (ready my animated texture tutorial) to use them. To use the gif ripped apart your going to need a fast cpu (it’ll be a huge resolution) unless you reduce the quality and size. I may unwrap the 20 frame water and map it at a low res.

Glad you enjoy it! The spells category is my favorite =D

If you want you can “try” to donate textures. What I mean by try is, PM me your texture and I’ll see if it’s good enough. The reason I’m saying it like this is I don’t want a noob submitting a texture that looks terrible and expect me to host it. Most likely 99% of all texture submitted will qualify. I’ll write your name in the comment as made by you.

Any other questions?

It says “there is no content in this album”

You have to click a section (left side) theres the “Albums” tab… it has sections under that.

If anyone wants request textures you want me to make (I’m on a laptop so blender sucks on it… so I’m in texture mode :))

I don’t have an account and can’t make one :frowning: can’t you make it public?

I gave you the password silly… check the first post. It’s blenderartists_guest

Oh, I guess I missed that :smiley:

nice stuff :smiley:

Thank you! I’m updating it.

UPDATED! I added a few more textures. I’m adding a hair section in a bit.

Cool… how did you make the one labled “Rebirth”?

The pen tool =D

Added a new section called nature! be sure to check it out. Also it’s now public, no need for a pw. But If I get texture stealers I’ll have to pw protect again =P

You can always put these on my Blender file forge… its free and you dont need a password to download!!!

Just sign up and Ill make you your own forum to host your stuff on… them place the link here on blenderartists and your gravy…!