Kumoko - Arachne form - Kumo Deus Ga Nani Ka

Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka fanart - Arachne form.
It started as a joke but i really liked in the end ^^
i should try to print this XD

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Hola si no fuera de mucha molestia me gusta mucho tu trabajo y si podrías enviarme la plantilla del trabajo porfis :slight_smile:3

Hi, sorry, sometimes i forgot this website. Do you want the file of this model? 3d print?

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Hey, what an awesome model! I really wanna try to print this, is there a way that you send me the file? Or can i buy it?

hi there i would also wanna try print it could i meaby get the file to

This is the new model im selling


Can you send me the STL plz