Kung Fu Cooking Girls : Grease Pencil and Freestyle workflow

(Yadoob) #1


I’ve been playing with Freestyle + Grease Pencil workflow (with reference). Quite a fun time with really easy to use tools

Here’s an explained timelapse to show in detail the worfklow :

(freen) #2

Nice work!

(Rafael Machado) #3

Nice man, are you going to do more of these?

(Yadoob) #4

Thanks ! Yes I plan to do some more but first I need tools !

That’s why I’m currently working on few of them : Freestyle render, color bake and cursor position :

(freen) #5

WOW! Freakin sweet!

(DanPro) #6

Great stuff!

(<== Lost? Click Me) #7

NIce workflow and result.

(Yadoob) #8

Thanks :wink:

Here’s more work on Grease Pencil Tools with a RenderLayers Ui :

(tyrant monkey) #9

Where do you guys come up with such ideas, really nice work flow

(Yadoob) #10

Thanks ! I’m keep digging into that worflow with a new project :

The 3D part rendered with Freestyle :

The 2D part with the grease pencil :

All the frames are baked into a grease pencil layer :