KUNG-FU game (scriptor needed!)

hey, anyone out there. LOL.
well everyone, I’ve got a character and I m thinking of making a game but I need some help.
I have one character finished, and the other is allmost done.
I also finished the level.

I need a
I will be doing the modeling, sound effects, rigging, texturing, logics, and level design.

the game is a simple arena.

those who join will be added in the credits.

I would really like some help with this.:smiley:


here is the video of how this game is going to be.

Get your flame shield out.

what do you mean? was that a joke or do you want me to make one?

Nope, I am suggesting that you might get flamed for that post. Have you read the thread about how to propose a project?

I havent.
I havent been to blenderartists in a while.

Find it, read it and then think about re-wording your first post.

where would I find it?

Search be your friend.

EDIT: I will let you off on this one, http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=84388

first off.
show us more than a rip-off model of the female in that vid.
make your own characters, you know?

and, tell us more about the project.
whats in it for us? and such.

I could add you in the credits.
I’m really sorry, but I don’t know what to give you.
I could make a custom character that you would like to see in the game.
I just can’t do this game alone.
it won’t get finished if it’s just me.

I have more characters that I could add on my other thread http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=129506

I don 't envy you. Animating any form of martial arts isn’t going to be easy. Good luck ! :slight_smile:

oblenob you are a bit mean ! There is a plenty of wip base on nothing like chronicles of leiz-something which started without any picture and keep going without any decent model. Brad LA at least give a character insted of game concept unlike the 30% of guys on this forum. But you are true about the fact he should work a bit by himself. Why ? because team don’t really work.

keep going bradLa but search your own way without relying on anybody.

now I’m worried!:eek:
martial arts is hard but I am hopeing some, somewhere,
can do it. Lol.:smiley:

I need a team, I can’t do any scripting:eek:
or very good animating.:frowning:

thanks though.:smiley:

Maybe you would get some help if you had some more work to show. Have you made a basic level? Have you thought of a storyline? Give us some more information about the game.

hey my friend python is really simple to grasp. don’t be scared of learning. It’s really easy for what you need. Two year ago I didn’t know how to script now I’m doing c# programming in xna hlsl and stuff. In some case it’s better to strengthen yourself instead of waiting for some messiah.

maybe if you ask I could explain you some stuff. try to start and when you are stuck ask.

The biggest problem about fighting games, is that there isn’t even one simple fighting game working on blender, with the exception of “Alley Fighter”.

Besides the lack of examples, the collition of a fighting game is incredibly hard to achieve, thinking on an old arcade game like the legendary “Street Fighter 2”. To demonstrate it try to investigate a bit about the fighting game engine called M.U.G.E.N.

Now, let’s think we solved all I said before, there’s still the problem of the fighting style, as far as I know, there isn’t a game out there that has such a fine tuned fighting style incorporated nor players that can achieve it either.

In conclusion, a fighting game like the video isn’t possible even for pro companies, but a more old school 2D arcade fighter could be, my guess is that even something a little more sofisticated like some old 3D fighting games can be achieved but that would be all.

I don’t know about that…sure it is a long shot but I do believe it is possible. However, I’m sure it would require advanced python.

For example, simpler movies (i.e. pucnhes, kickes, etc.) could be mapped to various keys. Wheres special moves could be performed using a combo of keys. Then when an enemy is performing a special move, you can again press a combination of keys to react in different ways and perform various counter moves.

An alternative method is mapping simple moves to various keys and then having a different key perform special moves or react to special movies when the player and enemy are in a certain situation. This method however would require highly advanced python for somehow the computer would have to recoginze what positions the players are in.

Both methods have challenges and both will not only require a TON of animations but also an experienced programmer.