kung fu guy>Update at top of pg 1<

this guy will be in a cage match with my pig headed troll. what do you think? will he dominate the action? I am planning on giving the pig headed troll a deadly flatulant attack, so it might be a rough battle.
<edit> I’d show the lip sync test for the pig headed troll but he talks to filthy! :stuck_out_tongue:
<edit> he is now rigged and has RVKs, this is his initial speech test.

LMAO! This guys looks great. You should put a pair of clothes pins in his pocket and when he gets attacked by the pig he puts them on his nose for protection.

Not sure about the glasses though. I thought you weren’t supposed to hit someone wearing glasses. :wink:



Except for the hair cut, it could be a caricature of me.
Likely-ness doesn’t stop here: I’m also a martial art practicioner (karate shotokan-style, tho) and also wear glasses (except when fighting, of course). ROTFL!

I’m awaiting with great antici…pation (!) the animation.


i think he should pull out a fork and eat pork!

You’re not. You’re supposed to hit them with your fist :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice character Modron.

thanks guys i am glad you like him. shouldn’t be too long before i have an anim. i may have to bleep out a couple of parts though. :wink:

hey great character, the modeling is really nice, my only crit would be that the textures could be a little more detailed on the uniform, but over all it is really nice work, almost looks like a basse model.
you should put up two versions of your animation one censored one not, but i think we all know which one will get downloaded the most :wink:
also will the animations be veiwable on windows media player, i’m still stuck in the past with that thing,
look forward to your progress.

Yes … he’s cool … he actually looks exactly like someone I know in real life … The hair , the glasses the whole deal … I wonder if he’ll get his is ass kicked inthe cage…

thanks guys, and yes I’ll put up a WMV version for media player. I guess it’s not too suprising that he resembles a couple of people, because I modelled him after a real life person. I didn’t ask for his permission either, so fortunately he didn’t find it objectionable when he saw it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Modron, I think this guy could win against the pig-headed troll using some kind of “deadly hair attack.” :smiley: I think his large head makes for a prime target though. By the way, this character looks pretty good. How long does it take you to design, model, and texture something like this anyway?

hehehe…I like it

In fact I like all your characters, they’re all cool!

Thanks. L.A., I guess he took me about 2 - 3 days to make, but I have to rig him still, and rigging him and giving him speech will take another day. so, 4 days i guess.

quit changing your image man lol I didn’t know who the heck you were till someone said I like all your char’s… Lovin the character though got a great sense of personal style in him… still gonna get his a$$ kicked though.

Can you set all the RVK’s for speech in one day? I’ve been experinting with it, but for me, it’s very slow work.

Is it possible BTW, to use bones to move things like the jaw to make things a little bit easier setting up RVK’s?

I can do it in a day, but I have done it a few times. Plus it’s easier on a toon head than a realistic one. I don’t think you can use bones to set RVKs, but you can probably use lattices, though i have not tried, and you can also use the proportional editing tool, smooth button, to sphere button, vertex groups, and various other stuff to aid in the process.

very nice work Modron. Any chance you could do a divX or something. I can’t see wmv files :frowning:

yeah no problem. i will do both. ( btw between virtualdub and irfanview you can play nearly anything. )

bump. updated on 1st page.

man another sweet .gif animation, i’m so jealous dude, can you get effects like that using gimp? i mean as clear, and as small of a file size? i still have not had time to get everything up and running to check it out, but i should this weekend.
and that lip sync is defiantly smooth, nice work all around modron, and thanks for all the help with learning how to get .gif animations down.
keep up the good work!

yes you can get much higher quality ones actually. here’s a quick run through of the process,…make the frames in blender or wherever you’d like,…crop them all to the same size,…then open them in gimp,…select the second frame,…press ctrl C for copy,…then select the first frame, and press ctrl V for paste,…then go to the layers dialogue and click ‘anchor layer’. copy and paste all your frames so you have a multi layered image with all your frames, going from bottom to top in the order you want them to appear, and then just save as .gif, and you’ll get some frame options i think. there is probably a way more detailed explanation in the online docs though.