Kung Fu Kittens

Hey all. I made these racoons and one of my friends says they look more like kittens.
I’m especially fond of the first one. But honestly, do they look like racoons?

They are for a game promotion.
The game assets were all made in blender.

There is a playable version at www.sangrunstudios.com Just to warn you, it might make your eyes bleed.

Be sure to celebrate national raccoon shaving day this weekend!
Thanks for viewing.


no, they look nothing like racoons.
shape of mouth is wrong, no mask, no striped tail, no similarity beyond being small mammals.

really great kittens though. I totally dig the matrix one.

Definately Kittens :wink:

I think when you googled “racoon” to find a reference image, you accidently typed “kitten”. Racoons? No. Cat’s yes. Video of game play will help you sell more games.

I attached the raccoon picture I used to model from. I think racoons are really cute.
There is also another shot of Neow since someone mentioned they liked the character.


Do you believe that the bottom picture is a racoon?

Why do you have all those raccoon’s in a game called kung fu kittens?

What? you don’t think a raccoon is gray with black stripes?

I wanted to avoid type casting. The racoons are pretending to be kittens for the game. haven’t you ever heard of acting?

oh, and there’s another picture of Neow


I think you are joking at this point. At least I hope so. If you are joking, I think you’ve pushed it to the point where people will start thinking you are a bit slow. It may be time to drop the pretense. No one thinks you are joking, from what I’ve read. Confused…Not sure at all that this bizarre joke will help sell copies of your game.

If I was just trying to sell the game I would have mentioned there is a free web version of it here: http://sangrunstudios.com/Brett/WebVersions%20-%20Alpha/v1001/WebPlayer.html

I also would have kept spamming the web address like this:

And I would have included the screenshot below.
I suppose this thread will be removed now? Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.
One last comment. I really think blender should be more popular for creating video game assets professionally. It worked great on this project.


I’m not going to close the thread because you pretend not to know the difference between a racoon and a cat in order to generate thread views. This is the weirdest marketing technique I have ever seen. It’s simply bizarre.

I really think blender should be more popular for creating video game assets professionally. It worked great on this project.

I make a few thousand a year selling game assets made in blender.

3mediaval, with turbosquit?

Yes sir. Turbosquid.

wow they look so cute :slight_smile:
how did you made the paws i want to make a kitty :slight_smile:

Where’s the sense of humour guys? Just look at that reference image, that’s one cute raccoon right there… well anyway I LOL’d.

Love the Neow character, he’s got attitude. Must admit that’s the most unique thing I’ve ever seen done with a kitten, but it actually works. Just wouldn’t be the same without that haircut :smiley:

Haha, I admit I laughed. Nice kittens indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Making kittens is an old tradition in my family. The paws are especially tricky. It’s a long process that involves a mother cat and some bees with some pollen or something. I can’t remember exactly.
Come to think of it, I might have just cut four rings on a cube and extruded individual faces then stuck cones between them, cut loops and used proportional falloff to get the curve. Or, it could have been the bees and pollen thing.

it sure is some great work :slight_smile: you should make a video tutorial :open_mouth:
also the shading, nose, ears, fur… it all looks so well made :wink:

Paranoia ? Double personality disorder ? Schizotipal behavior ?.. posting 3 times that kittens are racoons it is more like a insane mind than normal . This is a racoon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raccoon and belive me does not smell like a cat!