everything made with blender.

ooooo, so cute.

i love the mode, especialy the eyes. the fir looks like a pipe cleaner though. I assume u used paricle fur? If so, i would increase the randomness a tad, and add some gravity. Otherwise, looks great.


nb, what about adding somethig reflecting in it eyes? you’ve got all that reflective area, why not use it? dunno what u would put in though…

I like it, remains me in one way the old cartoon character;“Felix,
the Cat”. Try to animate him, will be neat for a short animation.

Nice work!
:slight_smile: Rookie:rolleyes:

thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

yes the fur is made with particles, and its pipe cleaner look is so on purpose… i didn’t want too much realism, its supposed to look more like this cat from trigun (the anime… google for trigun kuroneko pictures and you know what i mean :slight_smile: )
in the first place i wanted to add this mushroom ive made(check out the “fliegenpilz” post in this forum) as a reflection in the eyes … but i liked it more without.

i never animated in blender, but i wouldnt try it with this model anyway, becouse the rendertime is so high :slight_smile:

Aaaah super cute!

Sometimes simple is good and this is good. One thing tho, a small, round pink nose would probably fit to it like a, well, nose to the head.