Kurt Vonnegut's Tralfamadorians (noob)

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The inspriation from this came from slaughterhouse-5. Near the beginning of the book Vonnegut describes these aliens named Tralfamadorians as green poles with a suction cup on the bottom and a hand on the top with an eye in the middle. My biggest problems right now are getting the meta balls to render correctly and lighting. Also wondering what the quickest way to make a blink animation would be?


Edit- realized the resolution on the metaballs was too low and tried to fix the backlighting, I had it placed very high.

Excellent (and weird) book! I really liked it. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with Tralfamadores.

Crit: Top of fingers look weird, like they’re being lit without that light affecting the rest of the object. You probably know this already, and unfortunately I can’t think of a solution (i usually go with box modelling).

EDIT: Took image out of quote

First things that come to mind:

on the lower eyelid (and the shadow) it is possible to see the edges,

the Iris texture is too repetative.

No offence, but could you please move this as this forum is for highly skilled people. Maybe practice for a few more months, then you can post here.

Check out alecopey’s eye tut, I’m pretty sure I saw it somewhere on the forums, maybe on the off topic?