Kusanagi - A StarFox Clone! [ 3d modeler needed]

Kusanagi is a 3Dshooter like StarFox, or Murakumo. Kusanagi is designed in Java using LWJGL, a OpenGL wrapper. It is a custom engine, built from the ground up that supports bloom, 3d models, animation, and bones. Currently Kusanagi has walls and enemies in it, but it will also have bosses. Kusanagi has no story yet, but that’s not really important considering the genre of game it is.

Here are some videos of Kusanagi, and the model importer I made that Kusanagi uses.

As for the model I am looking for, here is how it should look:

the player will be a low poly armored core style mech, but I’m not looking for anything like AC4 graphics (More like PS1, or maybe early PS2). also is there anyway you can export the model to md5? (modeling format, not hash).
Something kinda like this: Low poly Armored Core Model But looking more like The CloudBreaker 01 (not exactly like the cloudbreaker though, just like 75% like it, also he should be orange and yellow)

The player model should have a gatling gun that looks like this, and a shield that looks like this on the other arm.

Textured with a single .png file.
IK rigged.
exported to MD5 model format.

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