KVM switch alternative

I thought somebody may find this interesting.
I was looking into a KVM switch, for building a render farm. When I ran into this application.
It’s called Synergy. Check out this YouTube video:


Wow… that is so cool! Thanks for sharing that. I never would have known.

That is pretty cool.

A little cooler than using VNC like I currently do. Another cool thing is Sun’s “Virtual Box” (linux on a Windows PC… or vice versa.)

Cheers for sharing… Although i must say the video frustrated me in that they went through the entire setup before showing us what it did. So skip to the 90% mark people.

I’ve used synergy for years, its every bit as good as what it looks.

I run two LCD screens off my desktop (middle and right), and a third LCD off my tablet on the left (I’m a lefty). So four screens all up, pretty nice. It’s a particularly good setup for web dev : onenote on the tablet, phpMyAdmin on LCD1, HTMLkit on LCD2, browser on LCD3.


Synergy is just KM, not KVM. Besides, what many a blenderartist would need is a KMW (keyboard-mouse-wacom) switch.

I have gone with a simple hardware solution: a usb keyboard with hub, a samsung pleomax to be specific. Only switch the keyboard usb from one computer to another, and tablet+trackball will follow, since they are connected to the keyboard, not the computer.


Anyone tried it with a wacom tablet?