Kwiip the Alien

I’m a total newbie in Blender. Before I worked with SketchUP, but a friend of me said that with Blender I have more possibilities.
I have to say, that what I’ve seen up to now, he was right.

With Blender I want to create some short Videos. And the first Character will be Kwiip the Alien.

Only Problem :
I have no Idea about how to do a Video in Blender :smiley: I Know how to animate with armature, when I parent them to groups. But I dont know how to animate a mouth or a Body :S

Would be nice if someone could post a link with a tutorial

Kwiip the Alien

Here"s the Model (my first :D) of Kwiip :

I hope you like it, and if not please tell me what I can make better :slight_smile:

(Sorry for my bad english, I don’t live in England, but in Luxembourg)

you can animate a mouth with armatures, but the best way to do it is with ‘shape keys’. it’s a whole new thing to learn, but you will use it often.