KX_BulletPhysicsController.cpp C++


I just came across this and dont know where to put it, but wanted the link here. It might help people who are working on the GE?

Language: C++
LOC: 170


Look at this:

// All objects should start on frame 1! Will we ever need an object to
// start on another frame, the 1.0 should change.
: [m_modify_position](javascript:searchRef(‘m_modify_position’))(false),

Thats in the KX_IPO_SGController.cpp

I wonder if they did that? Maybe thats why the ipos keep showing the first frames even when you say start at 20.

You’d be better off making a compilation of source code resources and posting in the resources forum, but the effort now to share knowledge of the source code should spur development.