KX_PythonSeq type in bge

I’m working on a little remote application for game engine projects. I have a problem to access the KX_PythonSeq Type in bge. What module do i have to import so that a can test objects against the KX_PythonSeq Type.

isinstance (myobject, KX_PythonSeq)

Thanks. offtools.

BGE issues go into the BGE forums

Where did you get the objet type from?

I can’t see that it is available by the API nor where you want to use it.
You might want to explain what exactly you want to achive.


KX_PythonSeq is a type used internally by the BGE to handle some of the “enhanced” lists that the BGE has. The ones that accept a normal integer index, but can also accept a string “index”. They are like a mix between lists and dictionaries (OrderedDicts in particular). I don’t know if they’re exposed to end users, but you can try bge.types.

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