KX_WorldInfo.envLightEnergy depreciated?

I am using ‘KX_WorldInfo.envLightEnergy’ to control the ambient light value in the world…np it works fine in UPBG
,but in BGE I get errors the KX_WorldInfo has no such attribute…so I assumed that it was UPBGE specific… although I cannot find it in any of their documented changes…or in the official documentation…so, my question…

Is this old and depreciated, or is it just not documented?

EDIT: I posted a bit too soon, it appears that it does exist in the UPBGE api docs…I just scrolled past it…it does not however appear in the official docs…so I assume it is UPBGE only…right?

I also realize I already had started a thread about this…but when I jumped back to BGE to test compatability(no real reason :)) I got the error and immediately turned to you all when I found nothing in the docs…

hi, it’s a feature I added in 0.1.8 iirc. The upbge api is working for me: https://pythonapi.upbge.org/bge.types.KX_WorldInfo.html?highlight=envlightener#bge.types.KX_WorldInfo.envLightEnergy
This feature is not in official bge.

OK, thanks for the response. I did realize that it was in your documentation…I just overlooked it.