I wasn’t here for a looooong time:eek: But I found some time and finally i can post finished image here.
This is a creature from my dreams:

Modeled in Blender 2.49
Rendered using Yafaray 0.1.1
Postproduction (textures, light effects, color correction) in Photoshop.


I really like this render! Colour scheme, composition, modelling, texturing is all superb :yes:

that must have been an epic dream!

Now that is wickedly kewl. Great job!


nicely done. As stated, good color and composition.

wow … nice render
nice work 2
good luck

I have no idea what I’m looking at, and I love it.

love it!! especially the color!!!

This is really nice and interesting.

excellent, ***** from me :wink:

Awesome render, and concept (or dream shall I say)
It reminds me a bit of neon genesis evangelion creatures.

5 stars

Nice work :yes:
Maybe this is some kind of Succubus :wink:

aww man, i never get dreams as cool as that

Oh wow, that looks really cool!

Not as unique or odd as your last one…

but this is more impressive on a technical level.

5 stars.

Thanks very much !

I like making thing other people likes :smiley: and it’s interesting how it influence your imagination, associations etc.

Yeah, i see that now. A little bit :stuck_out_tongue:

TheANIMAL - I appreciate you remember that work… ;]

I have to ask; do you often dream of creatures with points instead of feet? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

very pleasant to look at the picture!!

Actually…yes :stuck_out_tongue: I like this motif, it often jump into my head when i draw something;spikes, cones etc.

Hi Xelptic

Very cool image, it reminds me of Dali’s works.