KYouB - Update: Two new videos (June 6th)

General Information

KYouB (pronounced as ‘cube’) is a game in which you play a soft bouncy cube whose name is KYouB.
KYouB was happily bouncing around the world when a bad guy decided to take over that world.

It is unknown how much power you will need to run KYouB but there are some minimal requirements that make it possible to run the game with all it’s features enabled.


  • GLSL compatible video card
  • Python 2.6 (only in pre-alpha versions)

Other systems

  • Blender 2.49b
  • GLSL compatible video card
  • Python 2.6 (only in pre-alpha versions)


(this is the SVN version of KYouB which can be very fun to play but it can also break)
Easy download batch file (Windows, click to download .zip)
SVN Trunk

Blog Posts
Development Update #1

KYouB is eating some Coins (1:04)
KYouB is doing something (0:45)
KYouB Likes To Collect Coins in Other Worlds Too! (2:26)
Timelapse video (5:14)
KYouB Will Be Kept Informed (1:50)
KYouB Explores New Land (3:43) (new)
KYouB - Dynamic Music (1:50)
KYouB - Console Test (1:47)


It appears to be an organic cube. The stretch/distorts are good, I’m curious as to what the gameplay is. (Cube dancer?)

Music fits well too.

Personally, I think the installer is overkill =P

La typographie du titre est vraiment bien:yes:
A+ l’ami!

The typography of the title is really good:yes:
A + friend!

gahahahaha! Shweet.

Nice work! Im downloading at the moment. It looks good.

New version has been uploaded:

  • Fixed relative path problem.
  • Added a small ‘sandbox’ area.
  • Added a ‘Press Spacebar’ image.

To get the new version you’ll simply have to re-download and re-install the installer.

- AniCator

What is it? What is it?!

How about .blends for us mac/linux people? or you could even just give out the normal exe instead of an installer, the mac blenderPlayer can open those. Even if my windows partition weren’t fried, I don’t trust installers (never mind viruses, they leave crap all over the registry and in odd places in windows)

KYouB now joins the ranks of KRUM and DukDuk in the annals of BGE Games With Weird Names.

I couldn’t view the YouTube clip for some reason.

A new version has been uploaded:

  • Added a few coins.
  • Tried to fix a sound bug. If anyone still can’t hear any music, please tell me.
  • Created a \scripts directory.

- AniCator

It looks cute.
Before I download is it GLSL? It looks it.


  • Modified the coins mesh.
  • Modified the coins material.
  • Added logic to the coins.
  • Added an invisible coin counter. (visible in Debug Mode)
  • Added basic control instructions.
  • Forgot about the ‘Exit - Esc’ instruction.:stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy KYouB!

- AniCator

You are mysterious! Soon i will have to like… download it…

DukDuk? That makes perfect sense to me. :slight_smile:


  • Modified a few unimportant things.
  • Fixed the sound bug. Yes, the first fix didn’t fix it at all. Let’s see if this one does.
  • Added a temporary installer image.

Grab some coins while you listen to mah digital ukulele. Yeh, I did all the music.

  • AniCator

OK that’s it. Why are you not responding to comments!? I am downloading as soon as i arrive home!

Annie… It looks sweet, runs sweet… but what the hell is it??

This project isn’t dead yet.


Now I know what your planning to do. :smiley: