L 9999999 error on HDD boot (please help)

ok yesterday i turned on my computer and after loading the DMI pool it says L 9999999999 999999 999999999 99999999 999999999999 999999999999 9999999 9999999 99999999 99999999999 9999999999999999 99999999999 9999999999 999999999999 999999999999 99999999999999

i thought this might have been my computer, so i took my HDD out and put it in my new computer but the same error message occured! this HDD has 20GB of work and blend files so i really want to find a fix for this if it is at all possible

thanks in advance


Probabily somthing to do with the OS has corrupted on the disk.

If you can’t find a fix, I would plug it in as a second HD on a working machine, Windows will automatically detect the second drive and make a section for it in “my computer” (it’ll probabily be called E or F or somthing) and you can proceed to backing up you files if the Hard drive isn’t totaly ruined.

then obviously, put the dodgy HDD back in the original computer and format it. If you do a fast format an re-install windows, if you get a file recovery program, (the programs for obtaining “deleted” files) chance are all your files will pop up.

Not all formats actuall format properly. I’ve formatted windows XP cause it was all buggy to only find that after i formatted and re-installed window i had a bunch of files on my desktop that shouldnt have been there.