l’amour du blanc

This is a new project I have created for myself.

I had this idea of a puristic architectual scene with mainly dark background colors and one colorful spot, in this case represented by red berries in the right center of the table.

I tried to invest enough time to have a nice image but not too much time to not to „get lost“ in details… So this scene needed about two or three days for all work. This includes modeling, texturing, lighting, test renders and additional fx like color tweaks and more contrast.

All created in Blender and rendered with Cycles.

Dop me a line if you have questions.

A question to the native french speakers:
Is the title correct written? I do not come from france but like the title and how it sounds.

Best wishes

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Up to 5 sources of caustis rays, one of them quite evident.

I am a bit confused about your post Alvaro.
Are you missing the caustics or what is the point?

Because it depends on several things before caustics can be seen or calculated. For my image: The caustics are set and will be actually calculated, but not visible in this situation. One reason is the camera angle but mainly the shape of the vase.

nice stylish renders.

Thank you Remade.