L.O.S.T Demo

I found this really cool game called LOST, i was gona bring back its old thread but it was closed :confused:

anyway the old thread is here

You can download it here

Screens here

Just thought i would let everyone play this, its a really cool game, the download is still online so go get your copy :), its a pitty he stoped working on it :frowning:

Its only a demo but still fun, its also looks cool, great sounds used and nice cutscenes, definitly a must play demo.

P.S: the .exe works perfectly, but the .blend will crash in 2.42, sorry non windows users :(.
Enjoy, :wink:


The guy either looks like he got lost from Fosters Home of Imaginary Friends, or for you old guys, Pacman. :rolleyes:

Man, too bad he dropped it, fun little demo…

Man, thats a nice demo. But I couldnt figure out where it finished. I went across the bridge but I got stuck there.

I got to a boat, and there was a sign that said “closed for demo”. Is that the end?

Yes, walkthrough:


1.Get the hammer thing from graveyard

2.Go across bridge, find house

3.Find key for house in cornfield

4.Go inside house activate leaver which will bring down a new bridge

  1. find new bridge, cross it

  2. Find boat for escape,


Wow thats pretty cool. If he wanted to he could make a new character, that doesnt look like that show, and make him walk. Then sell if to Nintendo for the DS, lol. (Not in a sarcastic way, it really could) :slight_smile: Actually I think it looks to good for DS, Its not fuzzy enough for the DS;)

Whats the hammer for???

In the demo, i think its for nothing, but it may be for the leaver in the house, im not sure, try get to the end without collecting the hammer.

Yeah there was also a weird potion or something behind one of the houses once you cross the second bridge.

HAhaha the “water-death” is awesome!

wow! I love it! cute character…

Nice game. But… Why is there a language selection menu when there’s only one language to be chosen? Also, the area beyond the second bridge is quite buggy. Once I got stuck IN one of the houses and once I fell through the floor.
Overall, a good example of how a Blender Game should be.

Ahem, it was a dropped project…
as in “Not Finished”
:stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I remember playing this when it was first released. Good stuff.