L.O.S.T. website is up !

L.O.S.T. the adventure game has a new website.

Please visit:


Need your feedback people !

neat page, it looks almost like a professional game developers page. Any chance of a new demo soon?

cool, really liked that demo…
What do you mean by feedback?
not much to say anything about such a good thing…

nice demo - how did you get that mist? :o

Thanks for your comments.

I’ll post parts of the full game in few days.

The mist is a simple mist with some kind of purple color.

The Game demo looks nice :wink: and the web page looks nice too :stuck_out_tongue:

keep working, we would like to see this game soon :smiley:

Mmhh strange, seams to be offline for me, it says to inform the admin about temporary unavaileble. :frowning:


My free provider can’t hold too much connexion/downloads. But the site is back now.

lol - yeah i looked at the .blend - i didn’t know mist was enabled in the engine - lookes like Project UnderWater just go cooler! :smiley:

I’m happy if my demo helps your game !

:smiley: Very cool site NumaQ. I remember the demo it is great. Nice storybords! Like your style. Do you like Tim Burton’s movies?

Sure ! Tim burton’s “nightmare before christmas” is one of my many sources of inspiration. I try to keep this mood in the introduction scene.
Chapter 1 is the opposite (bright colours).
Chapter 2 takes place in a dark cave.
And chapter 3 drives you in the land of the Dragon (who said “Mordor” ?).
3 Chapters, 3 different moods and color schemes.