L Select Problem or me (Solved)

Ive used prior versions of blender quite some time ago and never had problems useing l to select parts of a mesh, with 2.37a I seem to be experinceing a problem and not sure weather I am doing something wrong or if there is a bug, I hope someboday can provide me with assistance in this matter. The issue is I have several parts for my mesh stair case which is for a collapseable staircase, but when I use L to select the stair platform, it selects other verticies not belonging to the peice of interest. A picture is worth a thousand words so here is one.


Seems to me that blender is joining verticies automaticaly. Though before the move, an L select would not be a problem.

Since 2.37 there is a “Limit Selection” icon on the header, right hand side in edit mode. It allows you to limit selectiom to visible verts only while in solid or shaded modes. You can either change to wire mode or toggle it off. May be the prob.


Just as a guess, are you aware that L selects linked vertices near the mouse pointer, but Ctrl L selects linked vertices attached to the currently selected one?

Ahh, thats what I was doing wrong, so it all depends on where i put my cursor when i hit L. Problem solved thanks.

Also thanks Fligh % I was aware of this wounderfull feature, I always admired the “Ignore Backfaceing” feature of Gmax back when I first started experimenting with 3D, though in this case I don’t thing this would have helped my situation.