L-system trees in game

Hi all !!

I have decided to try to use L-system Trees in my game project !! The script is awesome i really love it, and i can make low poly trees look just ok.

I have a few questions though. I’m not sure if the trees are meant for games or for render project !!

  1. Any one know what amount of vertices’s a game tree should be ( in a high quality game)
  2. Anyone ever tried to animate the trees from the script. if so how ? ( i want to animate the leafs like you See in so many other games and project
  3. Anyone use the L-System for there game project ?

I think that is all for now !!:eyebrowlift:

Oh right !!

when i render my frame it looks OK, but when i play my game “p” the tree is all white, (why is this, all normals are facing out, GLSL is on and there are lights in the scene)

last question about L-systems i promise :o

for white thingy - try to add material

ok material problem fixed !!

Anyone…no ideas ?? i really want to make some good looking trees in my game, and I’m not sure if it is best to model them your self, or use a generator.

I would like wind animation also !!

Maybe i should just make one tree, animate it, and then duplicate it and make small changes to it to look diff.

and then make different sorts also !?!

what you think…none of you ever used generators and such for your game ?

For the animation of the tree, just add an armature, weight paint it n’ stuff, and you can animate your tree