l vrayblender part 1

download the blend file : link
download the picture : link

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Please, can you upload the Blend to http://www.pasteall.org/blend/

but the problem the blend file size 64 mb

Isn’t vray really expensive? I would love to play with it but… :frowning:

you can paly with the demo i think the price 300 dollar for vray standalone
V-Ray Standalone Demo Limitations

  • demo license expires at given date (1 July 2015)
  • watermark
  • max resolution 600x450
  • max 5 lights in the scene
  • slower RT refresh
  • one DR license
  • adding DR slaves from SDK is forbidden

Hi abdelsidi,

first of all… Many thanks for the tutorial.

Maybe you can compress the Blend with 7-Zip and rename it to *.blend.

But is not so important.
I have at the moment anyway, no money for V-Ray.

Looking forward to Part 2

thanks Dito you can always play with the demo version

blend file with extension blend lollink

A little less then 500 US dollars for the standalone.

I have no Facebook, Twitter or whatever Account.
And I will not add me!

adding a new image soon i will make the second part

updating the download link to mediafire

Many thanks for the new link.


another render image

Thanks!! Keep posting!