L3D Logo

C&C Welcome


maybe a bit too dark? - what is the background this logo goes on ?

I’d love seeing some electrical surges in the background, seems appropriate

Very nice. Nice and clean.

Hi Lemmy:

Right now, the site seems down, but out of context, I like the logo (always hard to do for me)

Yeah, I’m working on my site now. :smiley:

Nice job so far, but maybe make the text 3d if you can.

No, it would ruin the effect.

Possibly, but it would really draw attention to the text it self. Just my 2 ¢. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it just like it is! don’t change it at all! Beautiful work! :wink:

i like it! cant wait for you new site.

Thanks! :slight_smile: