L85a2 / sa80 wip


So here is my first, and only work in progress, the British L85A2 assault rifle, this is used throughout the British Armed Forces as the primary weapons system. Anyway, back to business, my render in Blender, as you can see, has had a subdivision surface modifier put on there - Never fear, this is only temporary as it simply allows anyone looking at it to get a look at the parts, as they are, as you would imagine with a gun, all attached. I’ve not moved onto the muzzle yet, nor have I completed the rail, but any suggestions would be grande, as I’m very new to this, and I hope it’s okay!

Thanks for you time!

If you could post a wire that would be very good to see how to improve. Having made a l85a2 and it’s variants I can tell you the carrying sight is too wide and there is not a big enough difference in width between the polymer stock and the metal body. Also there is a polymer check piece behind the sight and on the left hand side of the gun. But the shape is good and much better than I could have done when I was new to blender. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply, I scrapped the original and started from scratch, took in your advice and focused a little more on proportions! I’d post a wire but I imagine that may not be quite as necessary now, may I ask, do you mean a photo of wireframe view?