L96A1 model

i finished this a while ago, it took two weeks. I started to use blender at the begining of this year. I made this model just for get better and thanks to this i learned a lot folowing material and model tutorials, and i asked for advice here as well. But i want to know, what makes a gun reder stand out for the crowd?, what i can do to get better?. Thanks for the critizice!


Nice render, I like the model.
If you wnat to improve, I think you can pay more attention to the texturing.
Right now the textures are really plain without any detail. Even a brand new gun would have imperfections; some subtle relief, tiny scratches and a little dirt/dust.
You could also have a look at brush marks on the steel, using the anisotropic shader and at a texture to the green part.

Here’s an example of what a gunbarrel would look like, you can see that the textures and the glossy spots are much more interesting.

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Sweet gun.

You might want to go easy on the realism though, you’ll send some soyboy or sjw into fits of hysteria and get you banned.