"La ghigliottina" candidate for PIVI awards

“PIVI” is the most important Italian award for music video. This year’s participants were 706. Among these 25 were selected to compete for prizes.
“La Ghigliottina” video I made for the Caparezza’ song is candidate for:
best Director
best script
best cinematography and best editing.
the awards will take place on December 1st, but already this is, for me and for a music video made with open source tools, a great result.

congratulations on the nomination! best of luck:)

Love the song, love the video. Good Luck!

very thanks
the occasion of the nomination at PIVI awards for music video “la ghigliottina”, I put on line this interview I has been done with the great caparezza, which talk (in Italian) of open source, blender and some background of the video.


You deserved the nomination. The video was excellent. Very creative and well done – Bravo. Looking forward to your next video.

I suppose the way to make speak some of the characters on the pictures (like Napoleon) was using a plane with the picture and placing polygons in the mouth area and animating those polygons.
Was blender internal used?