La madeleine Church 3D Environment

This is a 3D replica of the church in Paris “La Madeleine” Made entirely with modular parts, tileable materials and trim sheets, This is the interior part, made with only 136 individual assets making more than 2000 instances, all 4k textures including statues, made with only 30 materials and texture sets.

  • The model will be available for sale shortly in the artstation marketplace and the flipped normals marketplace.
  • The whole interior model (instanced) has Approximately 1.6M faces
  • The whole interior has more than 100 individual lights

if you want to see the wireframe pics and the modular parts go to the project page here:


Really nice work on the modeling and texturing.

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Huh… great work, literally.

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This is really good. Loving the fine details you have put into this!

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Thanks a lot! A lot of work was put into this

Thanks a lot! Literally

I’m glad that you loved it, thanks a lot!

Incredible work, I wonder are these assets available somewhere for us to use or is it a private library?

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Actually I’m in the process of selling them on the flipped normals marketplace and the artstation marketplace, if you’re interested send me a private message and I’ll tell you when they will be ready.