La nouvelle fragrance de 3d

(wavk) #1

Chck out the new fragrance of 3d! Rendered in 3dVirtualight. It took a whopping 10 hours to render and I’m not completely satisfied yet. The anti aliasing just plain sucks! Comments please, I want this to become a masterpiece:) Oh, and french people, please check the text for me, it’s translated by a website, so I guess there will be faults. Please correct them.

Tell me what you think!

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

(theeth) #2

the text should be:

"la nouvelle odeur de l’animation et l’illustration 3D

and “allez à et voyer l’avenir de la visualisation”

cool pic :slight_smile:


(theeth) #3

oh, by the way, “fragrance” can be said in french too, and it’s better than “odeur” in this case as “odeur” as a little pejorative side to it.


(Xtra) #4

Nice! Antialiasing disabled?


(wavk) #5

Thanks for the help theeth! :smiley: I made the changes. You might have to refresh your browser to see the changes.

Xtra: I wish it was, this is adaptive anti aliasing at level 6 or something. It seems that vlight’s anti aliasing sucks even worse than that of blender’s internal renderer.

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

(sten) #6

Very good wavk !

but you know my comments already :smiley:

awsome !

I wish I could understand VLight :-?

(paradox) #7

Nice pictue good imagination. Re: anitallianzing (sp) which version of Virtualight are you using. I haven’t run into that type of anti aliasing myself. In fact I was complaining tonight because I rendered a picture at adaptive anti aliasing 3 instead of 2 which usually works fine so far.
Like I said I like your picture.

(BgDM) #8

Very nice. But why is the bottle empty? Seems like there should be something in there.

Anyway, the few VL renders that I have done in the past never had any AA artifacts either. I used to render at Super AA set to like 10 though. :wink:

Keep it up. I am really diggin these nice external rendered images lately.


(Hanspb) #9

In addition to adaptive AA, Vlight also has superadaptive AA. Just scroll down the list. Try that.

Hans Petter

(blengine) #10

wow! beautiful! and an excellent bottle design… this is really good, i couldnt even imagine how good it will look with super smooth aa!

(S68) #11


sorry for not having commented before, since it looks like I’ve missed a previous version.

I do agree that some yoellow/amber liquid inside would look super cool.

Design is really interesting, but you can see some kinks here and there… maybe SubSurfing?


(wavk) #12

Thanks ztonzy!

Hi paradox, I used the newest version, 1.3.

BgDM, the bottle isn’t empty:) only the curl is used for liquid. I’ve got dark grey liquid in it at the moment, but I think indeed orange juice will have a much better effect. That’s what I’m missing in this picture, color! Also I have a little pump tube in the reservoir, but it gets all refracted-up:)

Hanspb, that would indeed help, but at 10 hours already, I don’t know if I can do that to my machine:)

S68, not much changed, only the text. Thanks for the yellow liquid tip, I’ll do that. The model is a SubSurf model, but I froze the model at a too low poly count. It looked alright in the viewport. Next render will have more polygons!

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

(ec2) #13

Awsome! I’ve been fooling around with the Povanim script (WIP section of forum) and I can see how complex raytraced renders take so long, but the out come is great. Wow man this one is great. Way to go.

(jms) #14

j’aime bien “fragrance”, littéralement cela veut dire “odeur agréable”.
Pour le reste: “glissez jusqu’à et contemplez
l’avenir de la visualisation”…


(theeth) #15

yes, that’s even better :slight_smile:


(bmax) #16

beatiful image! but where are the castics? :-?

(wavk) #17

Thanks ec2!

jms, thanks for making the translation even better:) Glissez, that means slide according to the translator. Is sliding the french version of surfing?

Do you really miss the caustics, blendermax? I left them out because 10 hours seemed long enough to me, and I don’t miss them.

Have fun,

Wybren van Keulen
Funny Farm

(theeth) #18

in this case, it’s a syntaxical equivalent.


(jms) #19

It is the same idea and it is prettiest then the word “surf”.
Consider that like a very little “poeltical licence”.

(bmax) #20

wavk : well, no, it still looks very good without the caustics, but it would be a nice addition… 8)