La partie abandonnée (The adandoned game) up 7/1


Here is an outdoor scene using Indigo with a single sun light.

Modelled with blender
Rendered with Indigo 1.0.4

Render time : 9h on a core 2 duo

Here is a higher res version (1680x1050) :

Render time : 6h30 on a core 2 duo

Here is a higher res version (1200x1200) :

A nice one.

Composition is interesting and the broken bishop is a nice addition.The marble looks very good. But he clouds… Although the horizon is OK, the angle doesn’t correspond with the 3d part of image and camera setting.

Wow, verry nice. Are you using procederal textures for the peices or images?

Something I wouldn’t expect from you. The horse seems to have some texturing issues I think.
And I see you stopped using Yafaray, how has Indigo been to you? Are you using blendigo?

Beautifull. Have you achieved the skydome by modeling it?


the chessboard looks like wet sand…or other way around?

Interesting! I’ve seen soooOoo many chess models already yet this one sure stands out, with great emphasis on texture and realism. Also, the way you’ve expressed the broken piece is so effective! great work! :smiley:

shouldn’t it be jeu not partie? my french is terrible.

Looks great as always.

Thanks to all,

I made a new version in landscape format and a lower camera angle, also available in 1680x1050. Colors are a bit warmer.
See top of the thread.

@Saypen: no procedural texture, only images

@Snelleedy: I didn’t stop using Yaf(a)ray and I will post a Yaf(a)ray version tomorrow :wink:

@Exile: Merci and still on earth …

@FuzzMaster: It could be but it’s better to say “la partie” as we use to say “une partie d’échecs”