La petite rue avec 2CV ;)

heh this is my old work, I start it in july…
Here is my WIP on,com_simpleboard/Itemid,/func,view/catid,18/id,13790/#13790

I was a little brake (diplome on architecture) so that pics are hot (today night rendered)

…(sorry for my english, je prefere le francais …or polish:) )



Nice the only prob i could see was two rectangular polygons in the center of the car but it still does looks nice.

Very nice work man

I love the tone and the color. They seem just like an old picture little faded. :smiley:

Very nice scene! lots of atmosphere. I especially like 3a, because of the tilted

It’s too bad you didn’t work on the buildings a bit more, a lot of the edges are very sharp, they would have looked better if they were bevelled.


yo à toi,

Jolie travail ! et très bon rendu…

Par contre, tu as mis des sacrés boudins (pneus) à ta deudeuche !
et sur la photo ‘citroen3a.jpg’, l’ombre des feuilles au bas de la voiture parait bizarre, on dirait un plan coupé…

@ +


Really great. how did you do the plants?

Elle est bien belle ta 2 chevaux et tout ce qui l’entoure.

Teragone, even if gucias understood what you said, that may not be the case for everyone. This is an english forum so it will be much better if we all speak the same langage. I read some posts in swedish and I had no idea what they were talking about.
So at least, translate your sentence :
“Your 2CV is really nice as everything else around”

By the way, to answer the topic, gucias, your car is beautiful, the atmosphere is great, with the shadows of the trees on the car (on the third pic).
Nice work !

thx , :slight_smile:

xarton: the plants are the grouped free plains with leaf texture + alpha for background

here is my post on with this plants. You can dawnload from here
a file with these trees,com_simpleboard/Itemid,49/func,view/id,13967/catid,6/


Nice images but there are a few things that could be improved:

  • More AO samples.
  • one shadow on the ground seems to cut off just below the door on the 2CV
  • the car looks too big. Compared to the tables especially.

Other than that, I like the atmosphere, lighting and modelling. Good work.


Cela est très bien fait ! Ma seule suggestion serait ajoute plus de OSA.


That is very well done! My only suggestion would be add more OSA.

hmm… I use OSA = 8 :slight_smile:

and little bonus render :slight_smile:




You cheeky monkey!

Nice job on modeling and textures, especially the tree shadows :smiley: nice colour for the car too

thx, there is some errors but I think it’s my the best work in this month :slight_smile:

wow great scene. the green fabric things ( what the heck do you call those hoods over the doorways?? ) should have some slight thickness. right now it looks like paper.

Indeed, a very nice scene. Texturing is great and the lighting is what really has impressed me. It’s perfect.


The bonus scene you have added is very amazing.

This is great stuff. This is also possibly my favorite peice this month.