La Troisième Dimension (The Third Dimension) : new 3D models shop for Blender Cycles

Hi there!

I’m proud to announce you I finally release my 3D models shop.

La Troisième Dimension

Only few models for instance, but one free to download and price discount until March 31.

It will quickly grow with new models every weeks.

Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Hey, great. I hope you’ll get lot of happy users.

My suggestions would be to provide 3D preview for models (wire-frame, ideally interactive).

Have you consider putting models on some known models library sites? It might be good addition to the page.

I know you often use RayPump in your work, and I’m really happy it is useful for you. If you want, put information on RP forum about your site - I won’t mind :slight_smile:

Thank you very much SuperMelon.
You’re right: adding interactive preview of the models is in my plans.
Some of them are already in my sketchfab book.

In fact, I started this project because it was very complicated for me to stay in rule with french legislation and putting my models on US sites. Some of my models will probably be on Blendswap, but if you have suggestions…

And yes! Thank you for RayPump! It’s a great timesaver for this kind of job and for my other professional jobs. I will consider talking of my site on RP Forum:)