I made a base character, and rigged it, now i need to add a lab coat. I’m making a basic model of the lizard from spider-man. and need the labcoat to move with him, can anyone help, iv posted the base mesh with a basic labcoat, just wanna know if iv done it correctly, and wanna know wjat i need to do now.


Labcoat.blend (317 KB)

You’ll want to look into softbodies.
This is untreaded area for me so I’ll leave with a link to the manual.
But it looks like you’ve modeled it correctly.

Couldn’t find a master bone (to move the whole character) so I made one and then I parented the labcoat to the armature (create from bone heat)…Good Luck


n00bed-labcoat.blend (333 KB)

Seems I’m over complicating things today. ~_~

anybody knows some good wiki page on advanced rigging

i was looking at the character einsteinrig and tehre are so many new symbols taht i don’t understand

so is there any good wiki page on theses new advanced features?


Ricky I don’t mean to sound rude, but you have a terrible habit of hijacking other people’s threads.

If you have a question please ask it in your own thread.
The best place to ask about rigging is in the Animation support forum. adamdf1985 is asking about modelling. Please respect other forum users.

i tough this was a continuity of the same subject
but i’ll open onw wiht some pic mightbe easier to understand what i mean