Label texture on a label

Hi guys! I’m currently working on putting texture on a label but I find it difficult to make. I tried to make a new label-layer on top on the primary label with just the line which you can see have the metallic effect. That’s the effect I want on just that part but when I’m looking at the full viewport shading it disappears and I think that’s because I have two meshes on top of each other?

Does anyone know how I can get texture on just one part of a label just like this line?

This screenshot is when the object is in half viewport shading. It looks the way I want it to but it doesn’t show the same result in full render cycles.

You can create an b/w texture for the line and put it in the metallic input, would be the easiset.
Or you create two materials and and use mix shader and a b/w texture to controll this.

mix_shader.blend (117.1 KB)