I am attempting to make a label to put on a glass, more specifically, I am attempting to make a label for a glass of Hacker Pschorr bier, however, when attempting to use a jpg image, it doesn’t exactly turn out correctly, I am curious to know for doing this what type of an image is best, and how to get an image for the texture.

Would creating a vector image of it in say Illustrator be the best way to do it?

The way I am attempting to do it is by adding the texture to a new cylinder shape put around the outside perimeter of the glass, then adding the texture directly to that.

I can upload the .blend file too if that would help.

Thanks in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

you don’t need to post the whole scene. Just make a new scene, append your glass+cylinder and pack the image texture.

by the way… PNG is better than JPG, and it supports transparency.

Okay, I got it slightly. Problem is, the logo is also transparent for some reason. Any idea?

The PNG idea really helped!



Maybe the alpha from the Image you are using… you can use a Brightness/Contrast on the alpha to make the separation between transparent/opaque stronger.

Stupid question, but by the alpha from the image, do you mean where it says alpha under settings on the lower right hand portion?

If that is the case, 1.00 is as high as it will go, unless there is some other node I can add in to it all?

Add > Color > Brightness_Contrast, and place this node between the alpha in your texture node, and the Fac of the mixer.

Make sure that your texture has alpha, then add a bit of contrast.

I tried plugging in the node in different ways, unless I am just not understanding properly, no such luck yet. :confused:


Here’s one hack-ish version. Probably does not fit any canons - neither glass nor slapping transparent stickers, anyways - hope helps.
My apologies for sticking in a straw - it’s just to prove transparency ;).

Edit: And i might have got the idea wrong - sticker - should it be transparent or not? As i read second time it shouldn’t?
But that’s fixable.

lol… Nice scene eppo!!
the stiker should be opaque, so you nedded to plug the Alpha from the texture to the bottom Mixer. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use it as a texture in the Glass? I always used it in this way and it always worked well

I took the liberty of using eppo’s file, and included a scene with a better resolution logo (not the same Bcrary3 had)

Thanks to the help of Secrop, this is my final product! I want to tweak the lighting a bit yet, and play with the foam a tad, but this is more or less it.