Labeling atoms in water molecules always facing the camera

Hello everyone,
I’m just learning to use blender, I’m trying to make a model of a water molecule (H2O) with atomic symbol labels H and O, like the atomic labels in Jmol.
I have a question, how do I make the atomic labels always face the camera when the object (water molecule) is rotated, but the label still remains on the respective atomic sphere?
Hope someone can provide a detailed tutorial, because I am very new to using blender.
Thank You

I am at work so i can’t post an example but basically you would parent the label to the molecule and then have a ‘track to’ constraint on the label with the camera as the target.

Parenting the label to the molecule will make the label move when the molecule moves while the track to constraint will have the label face whatever you have the target set to.

A tip, make sure the origin of the label is in the center of the molecule so it will rotate around the molecule when trying to track to the camera. Having the origin in it’s own geometry will cause issues with it clipping into the molecule when it tries to face the camera.

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Welcome :tada:,
lately there was an addon (?) for this… Anyway: this forum has also a seach function… so there is ( random order and no full list):


okay the search also gives the same question… :wink:

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Ok thank you, I’ve got enlightenment and a way out for my goal.

Here is an example of my method.
Example.blend (984.5 KB)

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Thank you.