Labello Shine Composition (Product Visualization)

Hi, this is a personal project.
I am trying to test my skills and improve myself by making product visualizations. This time I made another Labello’s product visualization.
All done in blender (Cycles 500 sample) except for the finalization done in Topaz Studio.
Hope you like it.


Very nice! I’m only not sure what those glass dishes are?

Thank you Bart!
I used the glass discs as displays of the labello swatches (by swatches I mean the smeared lip balm).
On the cards they were less noticeable so I put them on the glass discs to make them stand out more.
They are usually used to show the color and the texture of the product as in this example (or at least I think that is the purpose).



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you! Great weekend to you too.

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