Labrador Puppy

So, this is the 2nd sculpt I’ve ever done and the first 1 didn’t exactly work. I got the base for the puppy made, well, I think at least. I don’t know how topology and stuff works, all I know is I think it looks good. Can someone help guide me through the process? I don’t know what to do next. Not sure what color I want it to be either, I think a yellow lab would look nice for this. Doing it in cycles.

Important parts enlarged

Not bad, this it’s with a multi res modifier? It looks alright, the next step would be to retopologise it. Go look for some tutorials in blendercookie for retopology, it’s fairly easy, and actually really fun to do since you can forget about the forms and focus in topology x)

keep it up!

Yeah multi res. I was dreading retopology so I haven’t even checked it out yet, but you make it sound likes it will be enjoyable! Thanks!

Okay, how does the retopo look so far?

The jowls look inflated at first glance, I don’t think I’ve seen them quite like that on a puppy and I’ve seen a lot of puppies.

Other than that it’s a nice start, even though I think that lab puppies are one of the most rambunctious dogs you can get and they still act like that after they become adults (though I did see a calm one recently that just wanted to cuddle believe it or not).

Haha, yeah they are very loyal, you can train them to be very calm. Yeah, I sculpted in Ortho mode and now I’m regretting it with the weird inflated jaw etc, but I decided to just make like a hybrid puppy. It looks a lot like my dog (Treeing Walker Coonhound) which isn’t what I was going for, but oh well. I will work on it a little after the retopo.

Okay, done with the retopo! Took a few hours, but I hope it’s worth it! I also deflated the jaw. What next?

It looks like you are doing your screenshot in Perspective mode. Check your “n”/view/lens settings for the 3d view, and try setting it to 50 or so and post another screenshot. Currently it is hard to tell if the model is distorted or if it’s just the view.

Will do, but isn’t the final rendered image in perspective mode? I know it’s possible to change it, but perspective is more realistic, right?

Rendered view + smooth (but no subdivisions), and view setup as you suggested.

Can you rotate the screenshot to show more of a side view?