This is just a very small project I’m working on. It’s nothing special! I looked around for quite a bit and couldn’t find any actual 3d maze games. Most of them are over head so I thought I would make a first person maze game where you go through the mazes get keys and unlock chest! Please let me know what you think thanks!

Also if anyone downloads this projects and would like to help out with it then feel free to let me know!

Great game I like the levels and the textures also I didn’t have any problems playing the game because the game was running very smoothly.

I have a 32 bit system so I can’t try the file, however I am also working on some random maze generation so maybe that is of interest (see attachment, also requires Python random module at the moment, controls mouse click and F1/F2 for cameras). I plan to stuff it full of features so it will take quite some time before I expect it to be a good template…

And maybe some screenshots will help get you more attention :wink:


maze.blend (637 KB)