Lack of continuity of the same texture across two joined objects


I have two silvery objects joined together with the same metallic material property applied to them. I made sure there were no overlapping vertices at the junction of the silvery objects in the edit mode, but the texture over the two objects does not appear continuous:


This time I cannot just extend the edges of one or the other of the two objects from the junction because doing so does not allow me to make a perfect round band as shownn in the image above.

If someone out there knows any workaround that can make the texture of the two round objects appear continuous, please share.

Thanks for reading!

You have to correct the normals, the easiest would be to copy the normals from a joined object of the two pieces via modifier.

Recalculating the normals of the silvery object didn’t work. How do you copy the normals from joined objects using a modifier?

Manually correcting the normal of each face around the junction resulted in the same inconsistency also:

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 6.27.53 PM

Attached example: normal_edit.blend (692.5 KB)
You could also mix and use vertex groups if needed.

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Could you share a simplified version of the .blend file demonstrating the problem?

Thanks for the suggestion. As a new user, I couldn’t post a .blend file, so I’m attaching a link to the shared file on pCloud including a top ring shape with the aforementioned problem and a bottom ring shape:

The bottom ring shape shows no such problem because I made it by manually cutting out a portion.



solution: watch more tutorials

Thanks! That’s something I couldn’t find out about watching Blender basics tutorials.