Lack Of Replies

Whenever i post a finished piece of my work, no matter how good / shit i think it is, i only ever seem to get about 3 or 4 replies about it. I am wondering what i can do to increase interest.

Heres one example

In my opinion, its one of the best pieces of work i have done. Admititdly i havnt done that many, and my general standard is shit.

First of all, if i am looking at my own work with rose tinted glasses then let me know (if you think its shit tell me). Secondly i would like to know how to increase the number of replies i get. Maybe it is because i am too lazy to post in WIP most of the time… Any suggestions welcome.

Try posting it in WIP. I always put stuff in WIP, unless I’ve gotten input from other people, or I’ve just decided it’s done. But you’re right, you get lucky, or you don’t. Also try interesting topic titles.

Not getting the amount of replies you think you deserve for a work is recognizable for many of us.

There can be different reasons, but one of 'em is the fact that the forum is flooded with 3D-work. And in order to be noticed, your work needs to have something ‘special’.

Like your example, it isn’t shit at all. But it’s not photorealistic or hasn’t got an interesting look. And even if it were photorealistic, it would still just be a corner-and-a-rusty-door. Where’s that special thing? Underlying message maybe? Interesting concept perhaps?

Didn’t mean to sound like an ass, but if you’re looking for more replies, your work need to have ‘more’. Sure, some work don’t get half the replies they deserve, and others get more than they should actually get. But a really good work will get noticed.


Well, as I write this, your rusty door thread has only been up for 23 hours and you posted this thread only 20 hours after the rusty door thread. Don’t be so quick to complain. You can’t expect six pages after one day. That’s an exageration, of course. I will admit that you don’t have very many replies on it, but you have some. sometimes people get 1 reply and thier thread dies. Like sago, I don’t mean to sound like an ass. Just give your project an interseting title, keep posting updates as people give you advise, and be appreciative of the advise you’re getting.

Yeah man, I got kinda lucky on mi roboto. 1 week 2 pages of replies.

Yea. There is also the discussion (hmm flamewar in some cases) that can erupt due to some of the posts you get and those make your thread waaaaaaaaaaaay longuer. Sago’s Sayonara Hiroshima is a good example (a great piece of work, a very researched message that led to a very interesting debate and learning more on what things I already knew). Artist dont always paint of create just for beauty. Most of them have a message behind their work. This ‘more’ as Sago said is what will get a big reply

You can also stun people for the sheer work and beauty of your work (example, some of Andy’s work where you have 3 pages of people drooling over the work going “wow!”)

It’s really a hard to judge factor (including time of posting etc etc etc)

Most of them have a message behind their work.

Art should do more that have the ability to sit on its ass in a museum.


I have to agree with Sago and a few others here.

Also, this has been discussed to death many times before and it always ends in a flame war. So I am locking this one before it gets to that point.