Lackluster bubbles, any advice?

Well i went through some example files and junk again and i cant get my “bubble” to look just right. Aside from the refraction level
(i plan on using feeblemind’s list, at the moment its just roughly a glass level (1.40)),
It seems to look a lot like water, note that i gave it a blue tint to see it easier while i work on it.

Here is the image.

This one is a “full” bubble, i also tried making it a hollow sphere, and that… helped in a sense. but really it just looked like a hollow drop of water, not a “bubble” persay.
Is it missing a foggy escense that soap bubbles tend to have?
That and how would i reproduce the kind of rainbow affect that soap bubbles often have?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And thanks to GreyBeard’s glass file he showed me, i was finally able (havent had time until late lol) to play around and figure out what to do. i’m using raytracing atm i believe… lol :p. And it seems like the manual’s take on glass and whatnot is all env maps which is heavily evading me.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I think your bubbles would aprove if you add an environment.
Now they look kinda dull with only reflecting the soap the ground and a unicolor environment.
It also looks as if the transparanency isn’t right.
I would make them more transparet.

Is this the kind of look you’re going for?

It’s just a cityscape image mapped as a reflection onto spheres, with a ramp shader to give the iridescence. I can post the .blend file if you want to take a look at my settings.

{edit} Here’s the .blend file.

well thats the thing, i need them to be in a simple white enviorment lol.

Its one of many possible splash’s, i want a simplistic looked matched with a white env.

The only Env there even is is a plane so i can have shadows if i want them. Just so it doesent look like there floating there :o.