Ladder and a tree

A little piece i made…
The leaves are particle halos with a leaf texture, a test which turned out quite well.
Oh, i like trees, and if i was a ladder, i would love to have some support to lean on

AO -> both, one spot and one lamp, gentle dof node-way. Thats it!
Well, crits & comments are welcome!

// crawler


Pretty good. There are some leaves with no visible branch to attach to.
just raise some of the halos, and it might be in the gallery.

Well I thought about that and perhaps that should be the best, but i think it’s kinda neat, the leaves are sort of falling to the ground :slight_smile:
But I’ll take a look at it.
Thanks for comment!

Very pretty.
Just one other thing, the ground seems to fall away very sharply like a cliff…
And it kinda seems weird to me.

this is a very nice, atmosphere-ladden picture. It reminds me of some of the picture of “the little prince”. The tree looks very nice. The leaves look pretty well for halo-particles. The sky and the lightning are both very nice. The lightning gives a bit of an afternoon feeling.

The picture is a bit on the edge between looking clay-cartoonic and fairy-tailish, already having a tendency for a fairy-tail. Maybe put some particles floating in the air.

Some minor crits: If there are falling leaves then there should be some leaves already on the ground and maybe one or two hanging midways. But the entire idea of falling leaves sort-of destroys the picture.

Then the grass on the ground: For the grass to be bend that much there is some serious wind necessary. But the leaves on the tree do ignore this wind…

Yt, Gunnar

Thanks for viewing, and for commenting!

So, I made som minor changes, fixed the leaves, added a little more ground (for your pleasure, LemonMan), fixed the strands (good point Gunnar).
And so, i will leave this piece. Glad some people seem to like it!

// crawler

Very nice, the tree is very well done :yes:.
This image kinda looks like a watercolor/story book image imo.
Once again very nice :D!

it’s very simple scene, but made with great taste and absolutely charming. I like it very much.

Simple, yet effective… Great scene, I love it!