Ladro ~ The Thief Bird

Hey Guys, this’s is my last render made in blender 2.61 rendered with Cycles. Me and my friend have a blog and I think that you know. I hope your critique and enjoy. More information of the render in the blog, included the biography of the character. Please, visit the blog.

The blog is:

Ty :slight_smile:

Character Biography:This is Ladro, a furtive thief bird that in one of your adventures he decided to steal an unusual object: The King’s Crown. Unsatisfied with the lose of that object, the king made a proposal: Or he would give his crown back or the king would keep their feathers in a locked chest and hide the key. But Ladro, as usually, refused the proposal and with your sagacity he recovered the feathers”.

nice but doesn’t the crown look extremely simple? You could have added some more detail and “bling” to it… :slight_smile:

Ty, the crown was made simple on purpose, I made some details in others crowns but this was more funny.