Lady Grenadier: Demo!

I have a demo version of my current game for playtesting.



I’d be really grateful if you’d download it and give me some feedback on the project.
I’m starting a new thread for this to avoid confusion.

The game is currently called “Lady Grenadier” but it may change as she is one of the planned characters, but not the only one. Game play will have you taking control of different characters on different levels, using their strengths to your advantage.

The game only features one character so far, and a lot of things are missing. No UI for example, so you can’t tell how much health you’ve got left. That’s all coming soon.

Controls are simple, WASD to move, space to jump, X to throw a bomb and right CNTRL to toggle charge attack.
Made in Blender 2.77

I’d like to know the following:
How well/badly does it play on your system (if at all)?
Are there any events which cause spikes of low performance (bombs exploding etc…)?
Are all the textures packed?
How’s the gameplay, is anything too annoying?
How’s the difficulty? Did you manage to destroy all the skeletons in the level?
Any bad bugs? Crash to desktop etc?

Here’s a short development blog showing recent developments:

Tested, it works, the room is all pink (various shades of pink), I don’t know it that’s how it should look like. I’ve got a message in the console that says “Can’t find font …unispace bold.ttf” because it’s looking into my home directory.
Other than that, the game runs fine (ubuntu with open source radeon drivers). Sound it there, animation plays, textures on the player and the enemy is there, the input works. I can’t tell about the gameplay, third person action is not my genre. The characters look great.

Thanks for testing it!
The level textures weren’t in the right location. That’s why it’s pink. I’ve just spent a little time putting some real environment models in place, I’ll add that to the demo tomorrow.

I was using that font, but forgot to pack it. Thanks again. I think I’m going to use objects for text though, as I’ve already done so for numbers.

I do wonder how many people will enjoy the game, it’s kind of aimed at young teenagers, so no blood, over the top action and simple action that requires a bit of practice and skill to play well. That’s not a gameplay style that all will enjoy at first, but I find it grows on you…

I’ve uploaded a second version with a real tileset in the top post (download 0.2). There’s a little change in gameplay since the highest tiles are no longer passable. It has already given me some things to think about…