lady model

could someone please send me a ladys model what is redy to move and is high detail? i would like to practice my posing with it. I’m not smart enaugh to join the bones with the body miself although i have it done without joining it

Have you tried the MakeHuman Python Script? I dont think the armatures are joined to it, but they are already made for you on layer 2. I’m sure you can find a tutorial on linking armatures… the problem is just getting MakeHuman to work. Some people get it to work fine… others like myself can’t do anything to get it to work!

well i have the model myself wrom this page and saw the armatures but have no knolage to join all those and all my armatures are a bit peacy and have steep corners not moving softly like should :frowning: but aint there anyone who would share his\her work?

The first post in this thread has links to rigged models you can use.

but aint there any lady model what is reallike? would be nince if no clothing is included

Hee hee hee …, I guess its hard to model when you have only one hand available. Go to there was a thread there with a link to a site with nude female models that caused quite a stir. I believe that they were rigged.