Ladybug called "Otto"

Hi guys, I was trying to make a ladybug. Modeling is not my forte. That’s why I see this as an exercise. I was also able to test Texture Paint. But I still have a few performance issues and some things haven’t worked as well as I would like. I created an Amature modifier for the legs so that I can match them to the leaf.
For the grass I used the Grasswald add-on and the leaf is a texture from
I like the back best. :smiley: what do you think?


Its perfect but I’m pretty sure you think it’s not and want to improve… But believe me, its awesome…

I think you did an amazing job! :smile:

thanks to both of you! @thesrijangupta17 @VTCTLTS

This looks great! Good model of the ladybug. I do have one suggestion, is that the sides of the ladybug almost look too boxy and that you might curve them out a bit more to make is look more like half a sphere for the entirety of the body shape. But all in all it looks awesome. Great job!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Sorry, I forgot to add the link:

thx :slight_smile: great weekend too!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thank you very much bart :relaxed:

details on ladybug are amazing! :heart:

“Modeling is not your forte?” After this, I find that hard to believe! :+1:

thank you :slight_smile:

@sundialsvc4 - modeling the ladybug was a big challenge for me. there are some things that can be done better. but no matter, I’ve also learned a lot.
at the moment i’m trying to learn hard surface modeling. and to be honest, I find that very difficult to understand.

Pretty cool! Model is great!
By the way, the viewport view composition looks pretty too. Didn`t you consider to render this frame as well?)

I thought the same thing. I took the screenshot when I was finished. Since I also did a lot in image processing, it was unfortunately too late. i would have had to change a few things on the ground anyway, otherwise you would have seen the grass coming through stones.

Dude, you have two images on the #featured row… Wow! Perhaps you are first… Regardless, nice achievement bro!

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hm yes :cold_face:

Texturing an modelling is very good! The lighting in the scene also looks great!
However, it looks like the scale is WAY off, the ladybug seems to be about 10 times as big as it should be.

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you are absolutly right. but realism was not my goal in this case.