Ladybug 'flight-simulator' -game

(vizzy) #1

:smiley: Hi all,

i just did my first steps to the ge and its fantastic what we can do with it.
i must say, im not a ‘gamekiddie’, i usually dont touch that, but it was very funny to play with blender , yeah, that rocks.
my intention is more likely to use it as a simulator-engine for simple walkthroughs.

so, here is my result to my first ‘game’ i made with blender:
this site includes a small description, todo and screenshots :slight_smile:
(a bit more than a simple walkthrough :slight_smile:

its still wip and i think it will not be finished very soon, its just a fun-project.

thx for all feedback :slight_smile:

(Social) #2

Posting a few screenshots would probably entice more individuals to download your file.

You can host your images at The screenshots don’t have to be big, a 128x128 pixel image showing the generall look of your game will do fine.

(vizzy) #3

@social , thx, but on the link you can already see some screenshots and a small description :slight_smile:

(fireside) #4

Why did you combine the linux and windows runtimes? 8 megs is about a half hour download on my modem.

(vizzy) #5

@fireside, i used blendstarter to make an all-platform runtime from it.
the blendfile itself is about 4 mb, i could put that on the site too :slight_smile:
(the reason why i combined that is that i have to upload only once, otherwise i had to upload a windows version, a linux version which takes a lot of more webspace and a lot of more time to upload)
for future version i will make a link to download the index.gam only, so that you have to download the ladybug binary only once and replace only the dat file :slight_smile:

(marvo) #6

thats pretty neat :D, nice and relaxing.

(fireside) #7

Nice textures and sounds. Needs more in the way of goals and obstacles.

(vizzy) #8

@fireside, indeed! all has began with a small test and a tutorial from the gameengine book. i never thought it will be something like this. yes it needs a goal and soe obstacles/enemies and maybe a second level.

and last but not least, a highscore list!
(i thought of a simple http-post to a website with python submitting the name and the score :slight_smile:

a lot of to do for now, lets see how far i will get :slight_smile:

(vizzy) #9

i added a small intro screen and did some small updates…

still a problem is its only about 8-10 fps :open_mouth: , i used blendermaterials, and this seems to slow down the game a lot.

i also splittet the runtime for linux/windows and the data file in differemnt archives to limit downloadsize to a minimum.

anyone here is a sound-artist? i need some cool sounds. :smiley:

(Jacco) #10

perhaps adding a nice and recent joystick script could even make it more fun.

whenever I fire up the updated version I downloaded from the site it goes away as soon as its done booting.


(VenomSeven) #11

Neat! I wonder if this would run faster once ogre is implemented. It would be cool to have to fight other lady bugs and have them punching eachother and stuff. For some reason none of the sounds worked for me = (

Anyway, cool game, keep up the good work!

(Jacco) #12

I downloaded somefiles I found and got it running, one small coment when I try o get into the flower he gets on his nose and whenever I fly then he keeps flying into the ground and I looseHP


(vizzy) #13

yes, it flips over, as a workaround i added the torque-keys, try pressing pageup/down and Insert/Home-Key above the cursorkeys (on a common deskop keyboard)… but sometimes it fails into the ground and stuck.
(Tip: press enter to restart the scene :slight_smile:

im now reading the nice tutorial from herman tulleken, its really great and maybe i get it someday to add a py script watching the bugs orientation, preventing flipovers.

:slight_smile: thx for playing.
try out the torque-keys, and fly some loopings g

(Jacco) #14

yeah, it worked out, I also managed to figure out that ctrl and shift is for shooting. the looping worked out but I always land in front of the flower. perhps you could make an on and off button for the flying part and get to keys to manage the thrust, also I can see the wings through its shell when its not flying.

perhaps you could give the joystick plugin a thought?


(braveheart) #15

there called Ladybirds not Lady bugs

(VenomSeven) #16

Here in the US and in many other countries they’re called Lady Bugs.

(Jacco) #17

in belgium its “lieveheersbeestjes”, like friendlylordbugs in english :stuck_out_tongue:


(vizzy) #18

*hehehe, lol

‘the friendly lady lord-birdbug simulator’ ?

(vizzy) #19

Did a small update and added some ‘auto-tracking’ wasps :smiley: beware

(Olm-Z) #20

yep… in Belgium, apart from “coccinelle” (no translation) it’s also called “la petite bête du bon dieu” (little beast of the good god)… in french speaking part of the land :wink: