Ladybug On Grass

Tell me what you think.

I like it! I was drawn to the image 'coz of it’s green nature. You did a great job with the blades of grass but i wouldn’t call this finished. Your ladybug lacks detail. I realize it’s quite hard to make something so small and make it look detailed. But since it’s the main point of the whole image it should really be more realistic. She looks kinda plain and unfinished. Her body texture looks like it needs antialiasing and the feet seam like simple subsurfed tubes that are just placed there to apear as feet.

Also if you are really looking to improve on the image. Take notice on the reflection of the ladybug to the rest of the world. Theres nothing but white space, begging to be filled. As the grass goes closer to the ground there needs to be less light hitting the blades.
Overall I like the image. But when i hit the fullsize, i get dissapointed.

I see what you mean. Texturing is definitely my weakest point. Do you know any tutorials for creating organic looking materials?

I belive BlenderDiplom had some tuts that could help you. I haven’t looked through all the tuts but the Mantis series should do the trick

Assuming this was done with cycles so one comment I have is the reflection on the lady bug. It seems off and I think its because your glossy shader is using white. You should try using the image texture as the color input and then sharpen the reflection. Lady bugs are pretty reflective and shiny as are most insects.

Happy Blending!

Lol, I’ve never touched cycles before. This is all Blender Internal.

since this is done in blener’s internal render engine, I might try a couple of things. First the grass doesn’t look too realistic, I think its a bit wider than normal grass (I could be wrong.) second I’m not sure if you’ve added any translucency but if you havn’t you should. On the ladybug itself I would enable “Mirror” and make sure to tweak some of the settings.

In that case you should really give it a try if for nothing more than to get the caustics on the water dropplets:) It really not too tough and since you already have the textures mapped it would be a good scene to start with.

Good Luck and Happy Blending!